Do I have to get dressed today???

20170220_161328869_ios-1That feeling that you get when you put on an outfit, and you feel amazing….

How much is that worth to you?

If you are like me, this feeling does not happen very often.

You might be struggling against a changing body shape that you have never truly accepted.

You may open your closet door, sigh, and sift through your garments, choosing, “which one has the least visible rips, tears, or stains?”

You may just automatically choose the handful of “go to” outfits that you know are “acceptable”, because they fit “okay”, and look like you at least have tried to make an effort today.

You may just say, “F it! Where are my (nicest looking) sweatpants??…”, toss on a black tee, and call it a day.

You may be simply giving yourself, and your wardrobe, an afterthought, to everything and everyone else in your life!!

When we clothe our bodies we want to feel comfortable, AND amazing!

Somewhere along the line, we may have migrated towards only wearing “comfortable”, with the feelings that wearing anything other than sweats and tees are “uncomfortable”.

So imagine my surprise when Kris and I spoke with Kathleen Audet, a seasoned stylist, and she told us that ALL our clothes should feel comfortable!


Did you know that we can choose garments that can serve and empower us… dressing ourselves from the inside out (rather than allowing our clothes to wear us)?

Did you know that people may not remember your name, but they will remember the color that you were wearing?

Did you know that there are no standard sizing protocols in the world of clothing??  The size that you think you are, or you are trying to “fit into”, is actually a lie!

Did you know that if you are wearing clothes that fit you well, then the non-verbal cues tell others that we know what we are talking about??

Re-training our brains to connect our mind and body, and to learn body awareness, is a skill that takes time to master.  But once you “get it”, shopping for clothes does not have to be painful anymore, nor does it have to cost you a fortune!

Kathleen opened my eyes to soooo many fantastic ideas on how to discover my own personal style, including:

Thinking about 4-5 words that resonate with us on a deep level, to help us to tap into our own personal style! (sounds tricky, but think about it… how does “sophisticated”, make you feel?)

Discovering the colors that look best on you starts with your eyes! (and there could be 50+!!!)

When trying to choose fabrics and patterns, try visiting a fabric store to discover which fabrics and patterns you are naturally drawn to! (think about what wool feels like, vs soft cotton! Does paisley or chevron catch your eye?)

Do not confuse business casual with an “I don’t care” look! (hmmm… interesting!)

When you are getting ready for a long-awaited night out, and you end up sobbing on the floor saying, “I have nothing to wear!!”… do not go shopping the next day!!  Try re-arranging your closet, first! (you never know what you could discover actually “works” together!)

When you do finally go shopping, ask yourself these questions.. “Do I LOVE this (article of clothing)? And can I pair it with anything else that I own?” (’nuff said!)

You can create 20 different looks from 8 articles of clothing. (I like that!)

Your tailor / seamstress, and a great bra fitting, can be your best friend!!! (Preach!)

When purchasing clothes, pay special attention to how the shoulders, arms, and leg rise fit (everything else can be altered).

When shopping on a budget, consider capsule wardrobes, a tailor, online bargains, and consignment stores. And ACCESSORIES!!  Accessories cost less than clothes, and can dress up any basic garments. (Yup! I could really use some help, there!)

It is possible to grow up into a look that is all yours… if you can tap into what makes you feel good, and good on your body. If you try on a outfit, and you do not feel anything but amazing in it, then it does not belong to you. Your outfit should reflect who you are… inside and out!!

So, my question is, how much is all of this worth to you??

If it is a lot, then you may want to consider chatting with a personal stylist!

Or, at least listen in on this interview, for more detailed information, and even more helpful tips!!

You can connect with Kathleen at , as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, and do not forget to sign up for her newsletter, or her FREE e-book, where you can receive invitations to upcoming events!

I don’t know about you, but I want to feel more confident and empowered!!!

… and if that is simply learning how to dress myself to reflect myself (which I am in dire need of some assistance, out of my sweats and nursing scrubs), then it is totally worth my time & energy to investigate!

And I am feeling pretty excited to get started, and to have some direction towards WHERE to start (ahem, my closet!)

… but first, let me find my “nice sweatpants”, in case I run into someone while I am outside playing with the kids (I assume that wearing PJ’s outside is a total no-no, right?).



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