Our Present Moment


Have you ever heard the quote;

“If you live in the past, you are depressed…

If you live in the future, you are anxious…

If you live in the present, you are happy.”

… or something like that?

Learning how to be Mindful, and not Mind Full is a challenge, and a gift to yourself that is worth pursuing!

In a world where we have a tendency to “learn from our mistakes”, and to “prepare for the future”; we constantly bombard ourselves with information on how to do those things…

So we often forget to live in the NOW.

And then, so many years from now, we wonder where the years have gone? And we reflect on what we would have done differently…

And that answer is usually, “stop worrying, appreciate what we have, do more of what we enjoy, and live in the moment!”.

So, how can we do this?

I hear that Meditation is a wonderful practice, to teach our minds to be present.

But if that is something that you cannot wrap your brain around trying, then try this;

Simply acknowledge how we are feeling today… take a deep breath… open our eyes… and truly SEE and experience what is happening before our very eyes!!

These moments in “present thinking” may be few, and they may be fleeting…

But the more often we can calm our minds and our bodies to experience these moments, the closer we are to truly understanding how to live in the now.

Sometimes we even have to learn how to say “no”, and to clear our schedules, so that we can allow ourselves this “breathing space”.

Think about it….

Our most profound memories are from moments when we were truly “there”! The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Although sometimes we want to forget some of those moments…

And other moments, we want to re-live over and over and over again….

Regardless, the memories are still there!!

The common theme?

We were present. We were living it.

So if you have “now moments” that you want to never forget… don’t be thinking about what happened yesterday, or what will happen tomorrow…. Be here, in this moment, now!!

I agree with Mr. Toile, it is truly a revelation!!


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