I am a nurse, a wife, a mother of 2 young children, a daughter/sister/friend, and a woman on her own personal journey to achieve better health, and to find my “balance”.

I am passionate about discovering new ways to feel fulfilled… mind, body, and soul… and to share what I have learned with others.  To me, that is what “health” discovery is all about… listening, investigating, experiencing, and sharing!

The path of my journey has changed A LOT over the years, as it does with the ebb and flow of life… As it does for everyone.

My ultimate goal is to discover things that make me feel joyful and at peace, rather than to view life as a series of monotonous “things to do”.  Our mind, body, and spirit, are all connected.. and recognizing this, and learning how to take care of ourselves in all of these aspects, can help us to experience more joy.

Life takes us on a new adventure.. every day, every month, every year!  And when we can learn to be in tune with our own bodies, accept ourselves for you we are, advocate for ourselves and what we need… then, we can truly enjoy this adventure!!

So, I hope that something that I share here inspires you to live your best life possible!!